Julias Garrison

aka: Agent Coldcreek


Age: 30
Date of Birth: 28 Jan 1984
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Light Brown
Race: Caucasian
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 164lb.
Sex: Male

Julias is a person of averages. Average height and build. Dirty blond hair and a viscous knowing smile.


Julias Garrison was born to a non descript family in the farm lands of Kansas. His father a successful farmer and retired marine sergeant, he knew from a early age that he was going to follow in his fathers footsteps. When he was of age Julias didn’t hesitate to enlist and proudly went to server his country. In his training with the Marines they found him to be a natural. He joined up the a unit in force recon and performed with distinction. After several tours in the “sandbox” Julias decided that he had enough and went to join the FBI in country. There again he excelled at his work and it would seem the TFV took notice.

Julias Garrison

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